Dan Burlacu



Dan Burlacu has been an Ascendis consultant since 2012. He has worked for multinational and local companies; he was in charge of setting up a start-up business for a German company, and he is an entrepreneur. Throughout his career, Dan has found that there are three basic dimensions to any company/business: brands, people and quality, and people always must be between the other two.

Throughout his seventeen years of career, Dan has been involved in national and international strategic and operational planning projects, has held executive roles, multiple roles in marketing positions for the FMCG industry, and has directly managed medium- and large-sized companies. He has worked with companies in the tobacco, confectionery, wine, advertising, industrial production, retail and pharmaceutical industries.
Dan is passionate about his work and believes that, in order to move up the career ladder, one must follow one rule: Do or Do Not. There is no try (Yoda). 

He graduated from the Faculty of Law and International Relations in 1999.