The platform Code of Talent can be used as a digital follow-up tool after a training delivered in class or as a stand alone digital learning environment. It can be managed by Ascendis as content and training management partner or used as a client self-managed solution for own trainers and own content.
Code of Talent guarantees an engaging and motivating learning experience for employees and a superior ROI training through its multi-dimensional execution:
•Accessible from any mobile device 
•The most important topics delivered in classroom training transformed in microlearning challenges
•8 types of learning interactions (from simple questions to quizzes, from video proofs to ideas)
•12 missions adapted to real world practice of each participant
• 30 days of direct interaction with the trainer in digital follow-up format
•Knowledge cards for each theme
•Community and social features including open debate space and private messaging with access at all answers of the team
•Gamification mechanics using energy score, points and badges that can be awarded both by the trainer, as well as peer-to-peer
•Informal learning, real time engagement and metrics
•Instant notifications both within the user’ interface and via email
•Fresh concepts delivered in 3-7 minutes microlearning chunks
•2 Debates
•Livestream with special guests
•Knowledge management resource
•The manager of the team can have an active or an observatory role
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