Dana Bursuc



Dana Bursuc joined the Ascendis team in 2015, having an experience of over 20 years in marketing management, retail, communication and entrepreneurship. She likes simple and realistic, practical approaches that are result oriented, easy to use and adapted to the challenges and context. She believes that the discovery of new, valuable perspectives, anchored in the real life, eliminates barriers and leads to better decisions, with an impact on performance. Currently, she works with teams and team leaders to overcome challenges, to make better use of potential and strengths and to expand the horizon of relevant solutions.

Themes approached: visionary leadership in VUCA context; efficient followership; problem solving and efficient decision taking; change and transition; critical thinking and “design thinking”; innovation and agile management; difficult communication, influence and socio-emotional intelligence; acknowledgement, commitment and development of teams; personal and team brand; strategic planning.

Dana is a Professional Certified Coach – with an ICF accreditation, Executive Coach – accredited by the Center for Executive Coaching US, Trainer, Personal Development Consultant, facilitator BLUE_EQ, Harrison Assessment and delivers courses, workshops, simulations, individual and team coaching sessions. She also develops personalized, transdisciplinary approach solutions in the context of the client’s business.  

And, because life doesn’t read the books that we read, Dana considers that the best solutions come from one’s personal truth and are “customer made”, not only “tailor made”.