Florin Lebădă has joined Ascendis team in 2021 having a 20 years of experience in Quality Management field and 6 years as Quality Management Systems consultant.
During this time Florin assured and coordinated all Quality Management functions and more; E.g.: Customer Quality interface, Supplier Quality Assurance and Suppliers’ Development, Laboratory and product testing, Quality Control and Quality Assurance, Problem Solving, Quality Management Systems, Manufacturing process design and Continuous Improvement, Business Process Management.
Acting professionally, mainly in manufacturing environment he has accumulated important experience in national and multinational Organizations, including Leader Corporates in Automotive Industry.
Inspired by the words: “To Be” means “To Manifest Yourself” - Don’t Manifest Yourself just Being!, Florin strongly believes that: effectively capacitated human energy, cultivated curiosity and continuous improvement focus, challenging with integrity the current state, can inspire individuals and generate synergy inside the teams, expressing The Organizational Leadership though sustainable results and long term, management performance.