Florin joined the Ascendis team at the beginning of 2016. He has an experience of over 20 years – he successfully led large teams in multinational companies from the FMCG, Pharma and IT fields, being specialized in the development and implementation of leadership strategies, retail sales, marketing and trade marketing, global business strategies, efficient approach of consumers, the definition of the business and human resources processes, the implementation of the talent management processes, with a focus on the development of new leadership programs, the management of change, digital microlearning, project management / CRM and not only.

The combination of abilities and skills obtained over the years recommends him as a very good integrator of various business areas.  

Passionate by the profound understanding of the way people learn from the experiences they are subject to, combined with an ample vision of the future of organizations and employees development, he has had an important contribution to the development of the digital microlearning platform “Code of Talent”, an instrument that will take personal and professional development to a new level. He strongly believes that he can turn this world, through commitment and passion, a better place for us to work and live in, a place where education, creativity and adoption of innovation are the main motor in preparing people for the future, which is more and more complex and challenging and where technology is more and more present, as a constitutive part of our lives.