Cristian Ianoșdan



Cristian Ianoşdan joined Ascendis at the beginning of 2018, having over 20 years of experience in companies from various industries (automotive, electronics, electrotechnics, construction and chemistry).

He has built teams in every management position he has occupied, in start-up companies or organizations facing difficulties. He developed his leadership skills by growing people and trusting in what they can achieve.

The value of a company should not be assessed during calm periods, when everybody is knowledgeable. Periods of challenge are those that differentiate between agile and performing organizations and the ones that could do better. Continuous development and improvement and creativity expressed in everything you do are essential.

One should look at the development of people and organizations as one looks at gardening: you pick the best seed, choose the best soil, and provide everything that is needed, sun, water, attention, care, you are there every day ..... Yet, even if sometimes there is no fruit, you do not give up ... If you do not give up and keep giving proper care, the fruits will come.

Cristian is an Ascendis consultant and trainer. He designs consultancy and training programs on different topics (procurement, leadership, logistics and soft skills).