Bogdan Dirjan



Bogdan Dirjan has joined the Ascendis team of senior consultants and coaches since October 2018.

He has 15 years of experience in sales, marketing and business development, in banking and retail organizations, while managing projects at national and international levels.

Bogdan developed his own program that addresses, on a science-based approach, topics related to emotional intelligence, neuroscience, positive psychology, mindfulness, stress management and personal development.

Bogdan has a balanced approach between training, coaching, consulting and micro-learning.

He believes that the performance of an organization depends on the level of its people's skills and value, the working environment and the quality of the implemented processes.

Currently, he develops and implements programs on personal development, emotional intelligence, stress management, Mindfulness, storytelling, effective communication, leadership, and time management.

In a constantly changing world, understanding the way we function, discovering our own values and strengths, at a personal and professional level, followed by the implementation of an adapted methodology, can be an essential and determining factor for success.

Bogdan is a graduate of the Academy of Economic Studies.