Livia Barascu



Livia Bărăscu joined the Ascendis team in 2022, having an experience of over 15 years in finance management, pharma, automotive, consumer product goods. Her core focus is on how to find motivation and meaning, rethink assumptions, and live more curious and creative lives. Passionate equally about human behavior, data and science, she believes that with the right support and guidance, people can discover and achieve their true potential. 

Themes approached: leadership and management, performance management, goal setting and decision making, productivity, change management, finance for non-finance people, data storytelling, problem-solving, sustainability, assertive communication, listening skills, difficult conversations, conflict resolution, resilience, the art of feedback, building teams, emotional intelligence, stakeholder management.

Livia is an Accredited Certified Coach – with an ICF accreditation, Transformative Coach – accredited by the Coach Master Academy, Trainer, Personal Development and NLP Consultant and delivers courses, workshops, simulations, individual and team coaching sessions. 

Being passionate about books and especially about the stoic philosophy, Livia approaches life with a stoic mindset, considering that the best solutions could come from the ability of asking the right questions, focusing on what you can control and remembering that you are a humble part of the society and you get to decide the impact you wish to have in it.