Marina Macu



Marina is 37% enthusiasm,  11% raw, unbridled energy, 23% passion for learning and the way it makes us want to be the best version of ourselves every day, 32% fierce love for the human being in the fullness of life and its prospects and 7% restlesness that makes taking any risk worthwhile.

She has been volunteering for as long as she can remember, and it has made her feel the power of community and the conviction that people become invincible when they join forces. Her adventure as Vice President of Human Resources at BEST Bucharest (Board of European Students of Technology) has shown her that people are the ones you have to take care of, first and foremost, and this has led her to deliver more than 500 hours of training to her gang of future engineers in Europe. She decided to combine her penchant for rationality and accuracy with a passion for leadership, pursuing an MBA in engineering at Politehnica University, an Energy MBA at ASE and coordinating part of an energy company's strategic projects for 2 years.

In Ascendis, she likes to juggle the emotional and the rational and not hold her creativity back at all, as that is what she is best at. Her mantra "All we have is now" helps her create authentic experiences for participants, whether it's team-building, conferences or training sessions, and fully living every moment of delivery. 

She climbs mountains, travels far and wide with her four-legged adventure partner, tries not to miss a single concert and believes that if you give people confidence and a bit of momentum, anything is possible!