Cristina Nastasescu



Cristina Nastasescu joined the Ascendis team in 2007, after fourteen years spent in banking and foreign trade.

As regards the training field, Cristina learnt a lot and consolidated her experience throughout the over ten years of collaboration with Codecs (the Open University), by means of competitive management modules.

Together with the Ascendis customers, she has participated in identifying the training needs of employees, in assessment and development centres and in the personalization of training programs. She enjoys communication, emotional intelligence and leadership programs most of all.

An open, analytical and result-oriented person, Cristina is passionate about working with people and self-growth. In her activity, she combines business experience with that offered by in-depth coaching and neuro-linguistic programming studies.

Travelling and winter sports, which Cristina usually does with her family, make her two passions come to live and these are: photography and painting.

Cristina holds a BSc in Industry, Construction and Transportation Economics from the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies.