Andrei Gosu



Andrei Gosu has been an Ascendis consultant since 2005. In 2008 he became a Partner and Ascendis General Manager.

He started his activity in one of the most dynamic fields in the Romanian economy: IT&C. He worked for local and multinational companies. Andrei was and still is an entrepreneur. It is how he realized that performing organizations do not depend at all on the form of ownership, but they do rely very much on people’s training, the working environment and the business processes adopted by managers.

Throughout the years of consulting in Human Resources, Andrei has been involved in projects dealing with diagnosis and change of organizational culture, definition and modeling of performance management systems, training sales forces and executive coaching. He has worked with companies from the financial system, energy, IT&C, industrial production, retail and pharmaceutical industry.

Andrei has a passion for his work and believes that, unfortunately, the Romanian education system, which is excessively focused on the academic dimension, naturally encourages the leadership deficit in our country.

He is an engineer and graduated from the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest in 1995.