Vlad Pascu



Vlad Pascu joined Ascendis as a consultant in the year 2023 and throughout his professional career, he has gained experience in various sectors ranging from FMCG, Services, and Construction, in both multinational companies and in a start-up like environments. Because of this, he is capable of understanding the realities of the larger, more structured companies but also the ones of smaller, more flexible, and fast-paced initiatives.

His experience in management, sales, project management, and marketing offered him the opportunity to better understand different business processes, by being involved in projects of implementation of new operational flows throughout the company. This also came with the opportunity to interact with colleagues from different departments and backgrounds.

One more thing that Vlad can bring to the table is a new perspective, gained from being an expat for several years. Working in an international environment he gained the ability to understand different cultures and an ease in connecting with people with different experiences and expectations. Moreover, he can offer participants in his classes a different vision/a new approach to the situations they need to tackle daily.