Cristian Șandru



Cristian joined the Ascendis consulting team at the beginning of the year 2023.

He has had a rich and diverse life, working for multinational and local companies. Additionally, for a few years, he embarked on an entrepreneurial journey.

Always curious and open to new challenges, in his 17-year career, he has gained experience in sales, acquisitions, quality control, audit, project management, marketing, and last but not least, leadership, organizational culture, team management, and business management.

He has conducted numerous audits in Europe within companies producing components for the automotive industry, launched two businesses as an entrepreneur, and led, from executive roles, several transformation projects for Romanian-owned entrepreneurial businesses.

Passionate about working with people, Cristian aims to actively contribute to change and believes that the evolution of society, as well as organizational performance, is based on collaboration among people and the common good.

Cristian graduated from Transilvania University, Faculty of Technological Engineering, specializing in Industrial Product Design, and completed a Fast Track MBA at the Bucharest International School of Management.