LSS workshop, in Timisoara, on October 31st. Accelerated Business Improvement through Strength - based Lean Six Sigma with a special guest: David Shaked

Strength-based Lean Six Sigma blends the energy, creativity and commitment released through the strengths-based approach to change of Appreciative Inquiry and Solution Focused with the rigor of process improvement generated by Lean Six Sigma. It creates a more generative and engaging way to a sustainable organization. Strength-based Lean Six Sigma creates a paradigm shift in quality thinking!

Looking at processes through a Strength-based ‘lens’:
•    Invites us to discover the power and possibilities in the processes
•    Offers insights that you would not have seen with traditional improvement methods
•    Creates energy and motivation by focusing on what is working well
•    Leads to innovation, more value and improved results in an easier way
•    Offers faster and more sustainable improvement.

For professionals who are already working with Lean Six Sigma in their organization the Strength based approach is a valuable upgrade bringing process improvement to a higher level.

For more details send an email to

See you in Timisoara, on October 31st. 



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