Miruna Domnaru



Miruna works at Ascendis since 2015. She has great communication and organizational skills, which she practiced and improved in the past as a result of the positions she filled in the marketing and the media industries. Her attention to detail and ability to manage, rapidly and efficiently, several tasks simultaneously have greatly developed in time, both at Ascendis and previous jobs.

When needed, she acts as a facilitator in teambuilding events and helps the sales team, but she was also involved in different projects and auctions. Most recently, she played a key role in all the indirect activities on a European project by: managing and coordinating the public procurement process, monitoring all the activities (administrative and logistics) of the project, helping in the development of the working procedures and tools, reporting and preparing the documents for all meetings, following the smooth run of all required procedures and project development.

Since 2018 Miruna has been the administrator of two online platforms (BlueEQ, Harrison Assessments – 2 of the content suppliers), acting as the client’s point of contact for operational issues while also providing administration services based on those platforms to our customers, national and multinational companies, as well to their individual clients using the platform. As of May 2020 she also manages the CoT platform, specifically the Ascendis interface.