Mihai Dumitrescu



Mihai is an Ascendis Associate Consultant, with over 25 years experience in entrepreneurship and communication consulting.

Within Ascendis, he conceives and delivers communication, influence, assertiveness and emotional intelligence courses and is responsible for the production of the Ascendis Video Learning educational films.

He began his career in commercial communication (publicity/PR), as an Art Director with four of the most important multinational agencies of the 1990s. At that time, he was also an Associate Communication Professor at SSJ from AZR.

Mihai continued as an entrepreneur in internal and external communication, official communication, electoral communication, being at the same time, for determined periods of time, a marketing and communication director with three major TV Trusts from Romania.

He joined the Ascendis team in 2006 and ever since he has facilitated courses on influence and assertiveness, communication and emotional intelligence. In addition, he has provided consultancy in processes and procedures related to the internal and external communication for companies in various fields of activity.

In 2012, Mihai published his book called "The Benefits of Manipulation", considered by specialists a true pragmatic communication course book and a real best-seller.

Mihai has a BA in communication sciences from the University of Bucharest and numerous external specializations in marketing and communication.