Macrin Desa



With a background in aerospace engineering, Macrin has been involved in process improvement since 2003 while working for top players in automotive industries in Romania. His career path led to the banking industry and finally, in 2015 he joined Ascendis as a consultant specialized in Lean and Six Sigma process improvement methodologies.


His professional experience is linked with a hands-on approach, delivering customized training modules, but he is also a facilitator for project implementation. He has delivered both Yellow Belt and Green Belt trainings to an outstanding variety of audiences: from IT and service industry to professionals in various industries, such as aerospace, food industry, heavy machineries or automotive.


What motivates him is the idea that a training is always just the beginning. The most important is how the participants will use the newly acquired skills. The practical approach, the direct implementation, but mostly the results – this is what truly matters.