Assessment Centers

Assessment of the organizational structure and culture

Constructive culture corporations work better and attain results easier, being much more profitable on medium-long term.
An attention-grabbing study published by two Harvard professors pointed out to the world a shocking truth: on the long term constructive cultures obtain 70 times higher increases of profit, as compared to defensive ones! (J. Kotter, J. Heskett – Corporate Culture and Performance).
However, 85% of worldwide organizations have defensive cultures, contrary to exquisite performance. A defensive culture manifests itself by the fact that people avoid to assume responsibilities; maintaining the status quo is more important than profit, and the level of acceptance among individuals is obligatorily increased, even if it is formal and hollow.
Ascendis has implemented a corporate culture study, that will help you identify the main values and behavioral patterns present in your organization, that have a direct impact upon profit and loss account, and,  moreover, will help you develop action plans meant to improve culture and increase organization performance, on short and long term.