SHRM Certifications

Why these certifications?

  • Because the human resources represent a trade and they must be treated as such;
  • Because you cannot be a strategic partner only based on intuition;
  • Because if a financier needs an ACCA, if a manager needs an MBA, then a human resources professional needs a SHRM!
  • Because each person working in the field must be able to prove that they detain a stock of knowledge so they can be considered specialists;
  • Not to search for random answers anymore, in various books, and not to ask yourself if you have chosen the right book anymore.

What are SHRM - CP / SHRM - SCP certifications?
The human resources certificates represent a durable commitment showing the colleagues, the employees and the employers that you master the principles and the knowledge that this trade implies, and your will to be constantly up-to-date with the changes in this profession. 
Any certification program usually requires the existence of the 3 E: Education – a certain type of studies, Experience in the field and an Exam.

In order to maintain your certification, you will need to be recertified every three years, by attending courses granting the participants the number of necessary credits for the recertification or by undergoing a new examination.